The Judges

Studies from the book of Judges

Samson, Gideon, Deborah, Ehud, just a few of the complicated characters who are raised up as heroes to intervene and rescue God’s people when all seems lost.

The book of Judges occupies an interesting space in the historical books of the Hebrew Bible, fitting between the great Exodus with Moses and Joshua and the coming of the kings. As this loose grouping of tribes finds their space in the Promised Land, they wander in and out of obedience to God, often lacking direction as His 'covenant people'. Into those gaps, God raises up Judges—or deliverers—by the Spirit’s power to lead and guide the people

Judges is a difficult book because the context is so hard for many of us to relate to. A violent time where God’s people co-exist amongst warring townships and hostile neighbours. A time where the very heroes who save are often deeply flawed individuals. Yet in the midst of all this drama and complexity, we catch glimpses of God’s grace and power at work.

During our morning and evening services during August we will be exploring some of the twists and turns, highs and lows of this intruguing book. Join us in the deep summer, as the Judges are coming!